Tuesday, November 15, 2011

je suis touriste

so my dad came to town for 2 days, which meant i finally visited the old port to see basilique notre dame and pointe-à-callière. i forgot how fun being a tourist can be! made me realise how much of a cheapo student i've become, isolated to the trendy confines of the happening yet sheltered and sometimes stunting plateau/mile end. yet grateful for its cheap eats and lack of snap happy tourists.

dad commented on how french everything is, which i guess i've just gotten used to. and how cold it is. i gotta say he did arrive on a 3 degree fall day from beautiful sunny melbourne so that was fairly warranted.

it also meant that me and my roomies FINALLY enjoyed the fine wine and delectable appetizers of the wine bar below our apartment (dad's
shout of course). something of dreams for a student on a budget.

after the old man returned to his hotel we went to see Madeline Leman (my other half and co-performer of our busking troop "the nomads") play her very first gig in montreal at grumpies bar!! she played an exquisite set and impressed all with her heavenly melodies and alluring onstage presence (complete with australian accent). she supports the Custom Outfits again this weekend at Le Bull. check. it. out.

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