Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If only I were a happy little...

so, there's an australian store called "ta" across the street from my apartment. they sell typically australian products like meat pies, lamingtons, vegemite and weetbix (and even black and gold brand....weird). i have not been in on the basis that my fellow aussie/montrealer informed me of the price of a small jar of vegemite. wait for it...$10.50!!!!! outrageous. 

so in protest i'm seeing if i can live without "black death" for 6 months. i remember the first time i discovered that other countries don't have vegemite (more recently than you'd think). i died a little inside. two and a half months in, i'm seriously craving some of that delicious salty yeast extract. i don't care what you say amanda palmer. vegemite is finger lickin good. package...ahem who said that? 

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