Sunday, August 7, 2011

The time is out of joint

so...slight hickup, apparently my body does NOT agree with plane food!! touched down in Vancouver and rushed to hospital. THANK GOD FOR TRAVEL INSURANCE!! bit of a bummer but as soon as they gave me a bed, hooked me up to an IV and doped me up with morphine I was happy as a clam. gave me a good excuse to sleep all day, and then check myself into a nice hotel (complete with bath!) and sleep some more.

also gave me a day to check out Vancouver. explored downtown. super easy to get around, very pretty and plenty of parks to accommodate my doped out post-hospital state. plus I caught a bit of salsa sundays. that's right. every sunday in the town square hundreds of couples dancing the salsa. super romantic.

three anti-nausea pills later i'm about to get on the redeye to Montreal. fingers crossed!

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amlc said...

cyber cuddles! hope you're feeling better x